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Buying versus Renting in Singapore

Home ownership is a big deal in Singapore and in Asia overall. Most of the people use to rent a room so Singaporean Dream is more often the one that stands for Condo (Condominium). Buying a home is one of the most  important and emotional decisions, sometimes it can be very stressful because of contracting a lone. To make a better decision, you should remember about the pros and cons of buying and renting properties.


Pros of Renting

  1. For the same cost every month, you can generally afford a larger space when you rent than when you buy. Also, the initial deposit for rental is much lower than the startup costs of owning a property.
  2. You have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade the quality of your rental property as your own financial health improves or declines.
  3. You have more discretionary money to spend since your money isn’t tied up in the rental property.
  4. You have the freedom to move since your obligation to the rental property is short-term.
  5. You are not ultimately responsible in maintaining and improving the rental property.

Cons of Renting

  1. There is a risk that you will have to move when the landlord sells the property.
  2. You won’t have much freedom to decorate or renovate the rental property.
  3. Rental payments are not tax-deductible.
  4. You cannot financially tap into the value of the rental property.


Pros of Buying

  1. The mortgage interest payments and property taxes are tax deductible.
  2. Every two years, you can enjoy tax-free capital gains of up to $250,000 when you sell your primary residence if you satisfy certain conditions.
  3. Buying a property allows you to profit using someone else’s money. You can purchase a property with a down payment while the lender provides the rest of the money. When your property increases in value, you will make a profit on an asset that you couldn’t afford to fully pay for in the first place.
  4. A property is a good hedge against inflation. Historically, property values have appreciated faster than the cost of living.

Cons of Buying

  1. You have the responsibility of maintaining the property. This could drain your resources, energy and time.
  2. On average, you have higher monthly costs when you take into consideration the property taxes and insurance premiums.
  3. There is a risk you may lose money if your property depreciates, especially in a declining market.
  4. You can’t move as freely as you can when you rent.

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4 Responses

  1. Jorell says:

    I just added your blog site to my blogroll, I pray you would give some thought to doing the same.

  2. Bryan Norman says:

    It’s been almost half a year since this article – time for an update.

    If you’re looking to buy, then note that buyers have been returning to the market in April, in spite of the latest several rounds of government measures to prevent the property bubble from going out of control.

    Prices are still up, although they’re just inching now.

    That said, the numbers of TOP’s coming online in the years to come will likely equate to empty units for quite some time…. unless the population really does keep climbing, which is not all that likely, given the signals broadcast by the government during this last election.

    In short, it looks like it’ll be a renters’ market for the foreseeable future. Rents will almost surely come under pressure. They may show signs of stickiness on the way down, but the downward spiral will certainly accelerate once the realization sets in amongst landlords that they paid top dollar for their unit and it’s not as easy as they thought to find a tenant.

    There is one wildcard in this equation: if the majority of all new projects is being purchased by foreign HNWI’s , then rents may not drop all that much, as these individuals are none too bothered if their unit isn’t occupied.

    Bottom line: it’s quite a volatile landscape right now. I doubt that flippers will be gaining much currently, it’s more of a get rich slow scenario.

    Interesting times…

  3. Joyvue says:

    “The mortgage interest payments and property taxes are tax deductible.”

    it is NOT tax deductible in Singapore!!!

    Please update or provide supporting references

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